Mirae Scientists Street is well known across the country as the cradle of happy life for the lecturers and scientists.

At night the street is as bright as day, with the brightly-lit windows of the high-rise apartment blocks, an e-library, Ryugyong Rose House and other public catering and welfare facilities, as well as parks and resort grounds resounding with the merry laughter of the residents of the street.

The splendid flats of the street that have sprung up thanks to the meticulous care of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un were allocated to ordinary lecturers and scientists free of charge.

Not only a grey-haired professor from the Kim Chaek University of Technology spending his leisure evening time together with his family members at the Ryugyong Rose House, a lecturer’s couple enjoying their meal at the Pomnoul Restaurant, and a young scientist buying his son a football at the Naegohyang Sports Goods Shop, but also other residents are unanimous in saying, “When we walk into the street after a day’s work, we feel delightful and refreshed.

They are enjoying varied cultural and leisure activities to their heart’s content at the amplyfurnished modern facilities.

Old professors and young scientists residing in the Mirae Scientists Street are not aware of the night advancing, and singing loudly, Don’t advance, night of Pyongyang.