Now a young and attractive leader is in the spotlight in the international arena. He is Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The greatest impression foreigners visiting Korea receive is that its people praise their leader.

To be exact, it is the blood-sealed ties between the leader and the people, which is unusual in other countries.

Kim Jong Un loves his people very much.

Unlike other Western leaders, who are trying to show off their big offices, long motorcades and luxurious outfits, Kim Jong Un burns the midnight oil for his people in his modest office room and visits people rain or snow.

In August last year he personally drove his car to flood-stricken Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province, to get acquainted with the actual situation there.

When his car was stuck in mud, the local people came to push the car.

Seeing his car covered with mud, they shed tears of gratitude, and they were more moved when he apologized for causing trouble for them even though he had covered a long way to help them.

Such scene cannot be seen in other countries.

Thanks to the deep attention and energetic leadership of Kim Jong Un, who shares weal and woe with his people, the people in North and South Hwanghae, Kangwon and North and South Hamgyong provinces, who had been stricken by flooding and typhoon, were able to move into the new houses in a matter of few months.

Love is beautiful and noble because it is accompanied by sacrifice and devotion.

Kim Jong Un possesses such ennobling love at the highest level.

He often says: Officials should make tireless efforts for the good of the people; everything for the people, and everything by relying on them.

Whatever he says is so good as his love for the people is inborn.

A country takes after its leader.

As Kim Jong Un is such a nice person, his country is turning into a nice place for the people.

Many people even in the advanced countries are wandering about the swamp of despair and decadence because they are pessimistic about their life haunted by poverty and unemployment.

But as many people, who have visited the DPRK, say, there is no shade of decadence and pessimism in the country, its people devote themselves for the good of others, overcome difficulties and trials with one mind and will while helping one another and Kim Jong Un has brought up such people.

To see such reality in this country is a trouble for the forces hostile to it. That is why they are trying to cover the reality, paint it as black as possible, produce and propagandize one distortion and deception about it after another.

Some years ago a woman journalist of a country went to a US Pacific air base, and gave a lecture to the GIs about her stay in the DPRK.

One of the audience said: The Western media appraise other countries with their own value and measure them with their yardstick of “democracy,” “human rights” and “morality”; they are demonizing north Korea by means of optional news; we have never seen in the Western media such materials you have shown us.

As the GIs, after hearing her experience and seeing her photos and videos, confessed that they had been brainwashed about the reality of the DPRK, what would be their feeling if they visited the country themselves?

Kim Jong Un’s strength of justice is the strongest in the world.

Now the world is seeing in the young leader of the DPRK the strength of justice which is the strongest in the world and getting ever stronger even in the face of challenges and storms of history.

He values the sovereignty and dignity of his nation most, and does his best to add lustre to them.

Today when the strength of the DPRK is getting stronger and its strategic position has changed, the world is seeing a landscape of a new world order where the strength of justice is leading this planet and destroying all evils. Kim Jong Un is standing in the centre of the landscape.

Worldwide praise about the nice politics by the nice leader respected by the world people, to say nothing of those of his country and even by the people in the enemy states, is growing higher.