The Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory is turning out a new model of trolley buses in its effort to raise fierce flames of creation and innovation by dint of Mallima spirit.

The Chollima-316 trolley buses are the products of self-reliance and self-development spirit displayed by the factory’s officials, workers and technicians.

During the previous decades they developed and manufactured various models of trolley buses by their own efforts and technology and made a great contribution to accommodating the convenience of the Pyongyang citizens in traffic. Entering the new century, they set a goal of producing new models befitting the ever-changing appearances of the streets in Pyongyang.

Efforts are made to produce battery buses

Efforts are made to produce battery buses

They completed the design of the good-looking and convenient trolley bus and turned out the Chollima-316 trolley bus, a large-size, new model, last year. The new-model trolley buses that are designed to meet the requirements of short-distance passenger transport vehicles are being produced in a serial way. The factory has also produced battery buses.

Article: Kang Su Jong Photo: Ri Myong Guk