Kim Chaek University of Technology created a new teaching method suited for the engineering education which draws public attention of educational institutions, amid the brisk drive to implement the decisions of the April Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The method is conducive to raising the practical and creative abilities of students by encouraging them to go through such educational courses as planning, designing, manufacturing and operating by themselves in their university days.

The university has put the education on a higher practical, comprehensive and modern basis in good harmony with teaching aids, techniques and forms for the effectiveness of new education method.

The method has been introduced into most disciplines of the university from last year, proving advantageous for inspiring students to solving realistic problems.

Its advantage can be well evidenced by the fact that football robots developed by students, who received the education based on the new method, appeared at the university robot football matches and national robot football matches held last year and this year.

The new education method is said to be applied to technical universities.