There can be seen an attractive mobile cagenet fish farm in Kumchon County, North Hwanghae Province. The farm was built in the clear water of the Ryesong River where lots of fishes are said to gather. The local people treasure it because they set it up against all odds.


In early January this year the county decided to construct a mobile cage-net fish farm, but they were quite at a loss at first because they had no experience. Though they were determined to construct it by their own efforts and techniques, they had to overcome the harsh climatic condition of winter. The supply of an enormous amount of materials was a bigger problem.

But all the county population buckled down to the project with a single mind. “If we shrank from such small difficulties, we would never create our happy future. This is the work for the sake of our county, our families and ourselves“.

With a firm determination, they pushed ahead with the construction eating and sleeping at the site and breaking through difficulties resolutely in any unfavourable conditions. Doctors came for field treatment. A worker who was in charge of both the design and construction, was seriously ill but he worked at the construction site day and night. The designing and manufacture of equipment of the fish farm were hastened at the same time.

Through the indomitable struggle the fish farm was laid in a matter of less than two months. The farm can control all the conditions and environment on a general control panel made by the local scientists and technicians. This panel always monitors the state of fishes’ activities and eating habits as well as the quality of water. It ensures feeding is done on a scientific basis while preventing various diseases.

The county manufactured all other facilities with its own efforts, like the automatic feeder, a wind power generator for the fish farm and a boat used to move the farm. The farm grows dozens of kinds of fishes— carp, goldfish, catfish, mandarin fish, grass carp, variegated carp and snakeheaded fish, etc.—which are good for the people’s health and specially efficacious in treatment of some diseases.


Whenever guiding visitors round the farm furnished well with such a general control room, a feed store, an office, a dining room and a rest room, Sin Kwang Ryol, manager of the farm, says, “At that time we had a single idea that when we had the spirit of optimism and self-development, there would be no insurmountable difficulties for us. We will produce tens of tons of fresh and nutritious fish and supply them to our county people.”

Kang Hye Ok