The DPRK’s national anthem is “Patriotic Song”, created in 1947. It was written by Pak Se Yong and set to music by Kim Won Gyun.

With its solemn and graceful melody, the song depicts the great dignity and pride and ardent love of the Korean people for their country, which has a time-honored history spanning 5 000 years, brilliant national culture and abundant natural resources.

It also sings of their firm conviction that the DPRK will shine as an independent and sovereign state, powerful and prosperous, across the world, and represents their strong enthusiasm and steadfast will to strengthen and develop the DPRK into the people’s country of Juche for all ages, closely united around the WPK and their leader.

Story of Patriotic Song

Immediately after Korea’s liberation from the Japanese military occupation President Kim Il Sung initiated the work to create a national anthem of Korean style as a song to rally all the Korean people under the banner of patriotism and encourage them to turn out in the struggle to build a prosperous country and gave scrupulous guidance for its production.

In the autumn of 1946 he called some officials and asked them to present the people with a national anthem as soon as possible. Then he continued: Ours is really a beautiful country. Our people have a time-honored history of 5 000 years and a brilliant culture. From ancient times our forefathers dedicated their blood to repel foreign invasion and defend their land and the anti-Japanese guerrillas fought at the cost of their lives with arms in their hands to win back their country. Today the working people are devoting their all to building a prosperous country as masters of political power. We should mirror in the song the national pride of our people who have their beautiful motherland and resourceful fighting traditions.

Later his instructions were all reflected in the words and melody of “Patriotic Song”. A public debate on the song was held later. At that time Kim Il Sung appreciated the song carefully and said that it would be good to repeat the verses “Our people ever were renowned and sage, and rich in cultural heritage”. He explained: As our country boasts a brilliant culture and a long history, how should we sing the verses only once? One more singing of them would improve the quality of melody more effectively, produce good consonance of music, and make the song sound more solemn, and singers feel a sense of national pride.

Thanks to his guidance, the “Patriotic Song” was created as a hymn to the motherland, a song flawless in both ideological and artistic value and musical representation.