These days officials and scientists of the  Agricultural Nano Technology Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science of Korea are achieving successes in their researches to develop nano technological products making a substantial contribution to the agricultural development of the country.

Director Choe Song Ryong says. “Nano technology is one dealing with atoms and molecules, the smallest particles of substance, in other words, the technology controlling atoms and molecules.

When substance is divided into nano size, it shows new physicochemical quality which cannot be seen under ordinary conditions.

We have consistently deepened the researches with correct methodology to apply such physicochemical quality to agriculture.

In those days we have succeeded in developing different kinds of nano materials and nano technological goods in conformity with the biological property of crops.

The nano materials and nano technological goods we have developed are applied to the reality and generalized on a wide scale.”

The nano silicon fertilizer developed by Director Choe Song Ryong and other officials and scientists of the institute is applied to crops much less than the silicon fertilizer used before, but increases resistance to harmful insects and strengthens photosynthetic capacity and thus boosts per unit area yield of the crops.

It is also effective in preventing absorption of too much salt in  paddy farming in the tideland and introducing water-saving farming method.

The nano sterilizer for agricultural use is a nano technological product of high efficiency and great utility which has been made on the basis of nano technology.

This nano sterilizer is used much less than the former ordinary sterilizers and its penetrating and diffusing power to the germ cells is great and mobility and adhesive power are good. So it is very effective and its application range is wide and gives no harm to human body and environment.

The nano functional plastic sheets provide very favourable conditions for growing healthy seedlings because of the unique property of the nano functional materials. So they enjoy popularity among users.

Besides, the institute has also developed more than 40 kinds of nano materials and different kinds of nano technological goods helpful to increasing agricultural production of the country.

Today the officials and scientists of the institute are intensifying their researches with a resolve to develop more nano materials and nano technological goods badly needed for bumper harvests in the cooperative farm fields.

Director Choe Song Ryong says:

“We will continue to launch a vigorous drive for surpassing the cutting edge, true to the noble intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea to make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education.

We will develop many more nano technological goods with world’s competitive edge, making a positive contribution to increasing agricultural production decisively.