Whenever November 16, Mother’s Day comes around, all the mothers in the DPRK celebrate the day with boundless joy, happiness, pride and dignity.

Among them is Choe Yong Ae, head of Toksong Primary School in Pyongsong.

Choe Yong Ae and her family celebrate Mother's Day

Choe Yong Ae and her family celebrate Mother’s Day

She made sincere efforts to perform her responsibility as an educationist for bringing up younger generations as competent personnel of the country. Her sincere devotion to the education is clearly represented in the brilliant records of her primary school.

In the past her school took top places in the national quiz contests of the primary schoolchildren and local computer competitions, and hundreds of its graduates were admitted to Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1 and other schools of higher grade in Pyongyang and the province. It also bagged many gold medals in national schoolchildren’s sport contest for Jongilbong Prize, in the events of artistic gymnastics and swimming in particular.

In high appreciation of her merirorious deeds, the state ensured that she participated in the Seventh Congress of the WPK, the 13th national educational workers’ conference and other national meetings, honoured her with the title of People’s Teacher and put her forward as the person of merit in the Songun era.

Choe's children express their respect and love for the mother

Choe’s children express their respect and love for the mother

As a mother, she brought up her children to become dependable pillars of the country. Busy as she was with her works, she never neglected to check up their homework and get them ready for school. She always told them to respect the seniors, love the friends and feel grateful to the  country for realizing their wishes.

Her affection and lifelong devotion to bringing up not only her own children but also the future of the country exerted a great influence on her children’s view of the world.

Regarding her mother as a role model, her two daughters are devoting their wisdom and efforts to the promotion of the people’s well-being and the education of the rising generations.

On Mother’s Day the daughters congratulated with bunches of flowers their mother who has lived a pure life for the country and people as well as her own children.

“Happy Mother’s Day!”