Ri Kyong Bang, a war veteran living in Ryonghung-dong No. 2 of Taesong District, Pyongyang City, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, treasures an old photo album. In the album are photos taken with unforgettable comrades-in-arms during the past Fatherland Liberation War against the invasion of the US imperialists in the 1950s.

Ri Kyong Bang often recalls the war days, looking at the comrades-in-arms in the photos…

During the past Fatherland Liberation War (Korean War), he witnessed many heroic feats performed by his comrades-in-arms in hard-fought battles. His squad leader silenced the spitting pillbox of the enemy and a soldier ran into a mine field without hesitation to open a transport route.

Ri Kyong Bang often says:

“Why did they sacrifice themselves without hesitation? Because they knew better than anybody else that our motherland liberated by leader Kim Il Sung is more valuable than their lives and firmly believed that we are sure to win thanks to him, though they die.”

Born as the son of a mountain-side tiller before liberation, Ri Kyong Bang had to wander about from place to place without his own land shedding tears. Afterwards, he became a master of land in the motherland liberated by Kim Il Sung. The land was as valuable as life to him.

He enjoyed happy life in the liberated Korea. No sooner had the US provoked the war than he took rifle in his hand and turned out in the decisive battle to defend the motherland more precious than his life and the valuable happiness provided by Kim Il Sung. During the war he performed heroic feats in battles. After the war, too, he continued to serve in the army in defence of the country.

The war veteran still tells the new generations:

“The motherland is more precious than life. Keep deep in your hearts the warm love for the motherland and the unparalleled self-sacrificing spirit for the motherland displayed by the victors of the 1950s who brought the V-Day July 27 to this land.”


Provided by: Voice of Korea