Eight Famous Scenes in the Sobaeksu Valley – Part 1

The Sobaeksu Valley is located at the foot of Mt. Paektu, Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province. From olden times, the Koreans called Mt. Paektu as their ancestral mountain maintaining that all the mountain ranges in Korea stretch from Mt. Paektu.

In this valley is the birthplace of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Behind the native house stands the majestic Jong Il Peak (1,798 meters above sea level), the main peak in the area.

Recently conspicuous scenes in the valley were named as Eight Famous Scenes in the Sobaeksu Valley, attracting the public attention.

Most Sublime Jong Il Peak

The most distinguished scenery in the Sobaeksu Valley is Jong Il Peak, rising to the sky in a primeval forest.

On top of the peak one can command a view of the vast stretches of snow-capped sea of forests and admirable and mysterious scenery of the fierce snowstorm calming down in an instant against the ridge and cliff.

Jong Il Peak, standing stoutly against any raging wind, reminds people of the image of Kim Jong Il, an illustrious leader who lighted the way of the century for the people while braving any adversity in the spirit of Paektu and keeping the helm of the era and history in his hand.