The workers of the Phyongsong Automation Appliances Factory are producing wind-driven generators as part of the implementation of the tasks outlined in the New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

They believe that increasing production of electric power, the main power of the national economy, is not restricted only to power producers but a very important task for themselves responsible for the wind-driven generator production.

Well aware that production of electric power by natural energy is an important way to solve strained power issue of the country, the officials, technicians and workers of the factory are making redoubled efforts to manufacture wind-driven generators of different outputs with their own strength and technology.

The officials are supplying materials needed for manufacturing wind-driven generators and the technicians and workers keep increasing production while saving materials and tapping and using internal reserves through technical innovations.

The technicians and workers in charge of the manufacture of the wings, the kernel of the wind-driven generator, are working hard, displaying high responsibility and ability, to satisfy the mechanical needs to the maximum.

The producers of the main body and controlling device of the generator are also working with high enthusiasm. The employees with rich experience in making wind-driven generators of large output are solving all problems with their own strength and technology under the banner of self-reliance, depending on science and technology.

The wind-driven generators they produce are popular for their low cost, long serviceability and good performance.

The factory is simultaneously effecting technical innovations to develop and produce wind-driven generators with higher practicability.

With high enthusiasm to contribute to increasing power production, the officials, technicians and workers of the factory are producing more wind-driven generators of high efficiency through technical innovations.