The Ryugyong Kimchi Factory, located in the suburbs of Pyongyang is massively producing kimchi which is one of good Korean traditional foodstuffs and well known as one of world five health foods and other pickled foods.

Kimchi maturing room

Kimchi maturing room

Placed in the middle of the lines of green houses and vast vegetable fields, its total building area amounts to 16,130 m². The factory is run by the integrated manufacturing system guaranteeing a high-level IT- and Science-orientation from the organization of production and operational activities to management of qualities.

Cabbages and radishes carried from underground by the elevators and vertical conveyers go to automatic feeders and choppers and are processed with seasoning and vacuum-packaged, all in streamline so as to reduce as much manual labour as possible in conveying, cutting, pickling and washing.


Production places have been put on a germ-free and dust-free basis and the laboratory too is well-equipped with sophisticated analyzers. Displayed in the samples room are an unsliced cabbage kimchi, pickled sliced raddish kimchi, white kimchi, chonggak kimchi, children’s nutrition kimchi, bean sprout kimchi, cucumber kimchi, sliced radish kimchi, pickled radish, pickled mushroom and so on.


In the on-the-spot guidance in June last year the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un indicated every irrational spot in production processes and told to make the factory an example of kimchi factories and took benevolent measures to this effect.

Last January he visited the factory again and was very much satisfied. He said: The factory has undergone a complete change. All the production processes came into gear to the finest details. Its level of automation and streamlining is very perfect. We can be proud of it. I am very pleased that this modern factory has been built with our own efforts and technology. Now what is important is to make kimchi one of matchless foodstuffs in the world.

The employees of the factory are striving for keeping the production on a normal basis for the improvement of people’s livelihood.