The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un always thinks of children.

His love for them is also reflected on the “Sonamu”-trademarked satchel.

Kim Jong Un visited the newly-built Pyongyang Bag Factory in January Juche 106(2017). Entering the factory with a bright smile on his face, he said he started his march this year with the work for the children.

That day he dropped in at a products sample room and judging the quality of bags, appreciated that they had been made well. The children will like them. I seem not to forget today, he added. Kim Jong Un was beaming all over his face, as if he was picturing to himself the children going to the school with nice satchels on their backs, laughing and talking to each other. Looking up to him, the officials were moved to think of his efforts devoted to the bag production.

Some years ago, Kim Jong Un conceived a plan to build the new Pyongyang Bag Factory on the road of his field guidance. He happened to see schoolchildren with a schoolbag in one hand and a musical instrument and other things in the other. He thought of how to make convenient yet handy bags for children. He called officials and proposed building a new bag factory, saying it would be good to make a knapsack-style bag. The Pyongyang Bag Factory was completed in a short period thanks to his concern. Kim Jong Un was pleased to hear that the factory had been built and visited it. That day he looked round all the production processes and earnestly called for directing efforts to making bags multifarious, diverse and multicoloured and raising their quality.

He also said all the employees should show sincerity to a bag as the mother makes for her children, and continued: From olden times, it is said that bringing up a child requires much labour. But we have millions of children. I can say that our Party is blessed with children. Though much labour is needed in bringing up our children, I don’t think it a trouble, but a happiness…. Kim Jong Un named the new bag “Sonamu” or Pine. The “Sonamu”-trademarked satchels the Korean children like to carry on their backs represent the warm affection of Kim Jong Un who wants all children on this land to grow as stoutly as a pine.