January 8 Fishery Station has been inaugurated to supply fish exclusively to baby homes, orphanages, primary and middle schools for orphans and old people’s homes in the country, thanks to the warm affection of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the rising generations and people.

Though it has only been several years after its establishment, the fishery station is rushing forward in the vanguard of the fishery sector in creating the history of “gold seas.”

It carried out the last year’s fishing assignments by 160 per cent, and, not resting on its laurels, is making careful arrangements so as to accomplish this year’s assignments.

It is making full preparations for fishing in a far-sighted way, such as ship repair and provision of fishing equipment, and, based on them, is increasing the number of days engaged in fishing to the maximum. By putting the exploration of fishing grounds, fishing prediction andproduction command on an IT footing and organizing dynamic socialist emulation drives among fishing fleets and individual vessels, it is also increasing the fish catch.

All its fishing vessels including Tanphung 18-04, occupy the fishing grounds on the East Sea of Korea, braving through raging storms, and engage in fishing collectively and separately while applying various fishing methods, so as to ensure the growing number of hauling. The fishery station that is well equipped with discharging facilities  maximizes their utilization, thus reducing the unloading time of fishing vessels  and increasing the frequency of fish hauls.

Double spiral flow-lined deep freezer and other modern freezing facilities at the station are in normal operation at full capacity so as to process the fish without any waste. Loud whistles of the vessels with full loads resounding through the fishery  station bring happiness to the orphaned children and elderly people in the country.

Article: Pak Pyong Hun Photo: Hong Kwang Nam