Officials and workers in the field of railway transport are performing proud feats from the beginning of the year in order to carry out the militant tasks presented by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his historic New Year Address.

Deeply conscious of the noble mission in this year’s work for rapid progress in the implementation of the decision of the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the officials of the Ministry of Railways are organizing operations down to details. With high sense of responsibility that the success of railway transport this year depends on themselves, they go down to the major industrial establishments and railway stations to command transport properly.

They take specific measures to preferentially ensure engines and freight cars to transport freight to power stations and metal and chemical factories. They also concentrate efforts on production and supply of parts necessary for repair of engines and freight cars at different railway works and railway carriage parts factories. At the same time they make a specific analysis of the daily transport and generalize good experiences.

The officials of the Pyongyang Railway Bureau playing a big role in the transport of freight for major units of the national economy find themselves at the lower units and immediately solve knotty problems on the spot and find out rational ways to effect innovations in freight transport and introduce them to practice. Especially they pay special attention to shortening the loading time greatly.

The transport officials and workers of the Pukchang Railway Branch Bureau and the West Pyongyang, Sinsongchon and Sariwon Locomotive Service Brigades have built repair bases firmly to increase repair speed and quality. They increase the results of transport every day through scientific and technical management of engines and introduction of rational driving methods.

Besides, all the railway bureaus of the country, aware that the operational rate of engines is precisely the result of transport, operate, repair and readjust the engines scientifically and technically, greatly encouraging the people across the country who have turned out to build a powerful socialist nation this year.

The railway transport officials and workers transport more freight from the beginning of the year with a high resolve to become victors again on the grand march of this year and thanks to them, the successes in transport will be further expanded.