The 28th National Exhibition of Consumer Goods held in the DPRK some days ago was a clear manifestation of developing light industry in the DPRK. On display at the exhibition were various goods in high demand, including knitwear, quality cloth and shoes.

Light industrial establishments across the country boost production by bringing science and technology close to production based on indigenous raw materials.

The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill manufactured duplex tooth-belt die to put the production of cloth on a normal basis and the Sariwon Textile Mill introduced laser technology into production of various patterned cloth.

The Phyongsong Artificial Leather Factory succeeded in confirming technical conditions for production of artificial leather based on emulsion vinyl chloride, while the Wonsan Shoes Factory and Pyongyang and Sunchon shoes factories increase production with locally available raw materials through technical innovations.

The same is true of other light industrial establishments throughout the country.