The application of light-burned magnesia has been extended in the DPRK.

Some days ago, the national exhibition of sci-tech successes in the fields of furniture, fittings and acoustic building materials was held at the Sci-Tech Complex. What caught the eyes of visitors among exhibits were furniture, decorative sheets, ping-pong tables, doors, chairs and formworks made with light burned magnesia.

In this regard, Ri Kye Nam, head of a department of the State Science and Technology Commission, told KCNA:

Now, it gains momentum in the DPRK to produce fitting boards and furniture with light-burned magnesia in order to save wood.

As part of the efforts to implement the behests of leader Kim Jong Il, a detailed research into light-burned magnesia has been steadily carried out to develop more products of second- and third-stage processing and extend the range of its application in the DPRK with large high-quality magnesite deposits.