These days, concern of the whole country is focused on Taechong-ri in Unpha County of North Hwanghae Province. After the village was hit by flood, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited it first and took measures to release and send reserve grain of the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and supply medicines to the County People’s Hospital and the inhabitants in Taechong-ri.

On August 11, the local people sent a letter to Kim Jong Un, which reads:

“The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un whom we are eager to see, awake or asleep, When we were left homeless after losing our houses and family property by unexpected flood on August 5, we sat up all night with worries. But today we, the people in Taechong-ri, can’t sleep in joy and happiness. All of us gathered to make a deep bow to you as a token of our gratitude.¬† … … …”

There is a Korean saying that there may be something left in a burnt house but nothing in a flooded one.

When their native homes were submerged in water flowing in torrents, the local people were so dumbfounded that they had looked up at the rainy sky hopelessly.

But men and women of all ages were choked with tears when they saw Kim Jong Un who had visited the afflicted area first, driving along the wet farm road.

He personally drove his car through the muddy road.

Thanks to his great favour, Taechong-ri witnesses happy events every day.

Service personnel of the People’s Army were urgently deployed for rehabilitation of the damages and the Departments of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and families of officials of its headquarters sent aid materials they had prepared with sincerity. Quilts, blankets, kitchen utensils and clothes were given to every house.

Aged persons and children are living in the buildings of the County Party Committee and the County People’s Committee as if they are in their own houses.

That is why the people in Taechong-ri express their thanks to Kim Jong Un.

“Marshal Kim Jong Un, Busy as you are managing all affairs, you visited Taechong-ri twice and showed us the greatest special care unheard-of. The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, Thank you very much.”

Taechong-ri which had been drowned by flood is now seething with creation and construction.

The local people have not been plunged into pessimism and despair, but risen up with great confidence in tomorrow.

The warm love and devotion of Kim Jong Un gave them great strength and courage.