Please share this message wherever it is possible. Let the every single people who believes in peace to know the tragedy, which met Kim Ryon Hui, DPRK Citizen who was forced to come to the south Korea.

Kim Ryon Hui have been separated from her family since 2011, when she left her home in Pyongyang for visiting her cousin living China. During her visit, she had a liver aliment and thought to obtain medical treatment. As China is a socialist country, just like the DPRK, she was sure that the healthcare there was free of charge.

Unfortunately, the reality showed her the truth, and Kim Ryon Hui had to pay a huge bill for her medical treatment. She started to work in a restaurant to pay off all obligations and return to her home as soon as possible.

One day she meet a broker who said he could smuggle her into south Korea, tricking her and saying that she could make a lot of money in a few months. At the first she was not sure, but finally, as she would not make enough money in China, Ryon Hui decided to go to the south.

On her way to south Korea she figured out that the smuggler tricked her, so Kim Ryon Hui asked the him to send her back to China, saying that she don’t want to live in south Korea. But as the smuggler had confiscated her documents, he forced her to follow the group to enter south Korea. When she arrived, Kim Ryon Hui once again said that she wanted to go back, and asked south Korean authorities to send her back to the DPRK. She even was on a hunger strike for a month, but authorities of the South refused to send her back to her home, they even threatened her that she wouldn’t be released until her death. Kim Ryon Hui was forced against her will to sign the document under which she became a citizen of south Korea.

As every south Korean citizen, she cannot visit the DPRK, as there is “Law on State Security” under which any citizens who speaks or reads about the north may be subjected to imprisonment. Every citizen of the south Korea who reports a desire to visit the DPRK is treated like a criminal! After her attempt to be deported, she was sentenced to two years in prison, and as she was convicicted criminal, she cannot travel anywhere outside south Korea. Her “crime” was that she longed to visit her family in DPRK.


As the years go passing by, her familly is longing to see her. And her aging parents would love to see their daughter again, and spend with her their last years.



To the authorities of south Korea: If you believe in observance of human rights in Your country, let Kim Ryon Hui go back to her home. You have separated family and showed the world who is the real evil. You stole her years of life and bereaved dignity by forcing her to sign the south Korean citizenship document. How can you even dare to say that your country respects all the human rights, while you just don’t allow to rejoin separated family?

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