The Korean Revolution Museum, edifice for education in the revolutionary tradition, was wonderfully renovated as ever-lasting treasure of Kim Il Sung – Kim Jong Il nation, thanks to sincere efforts of the Korean army and people.

The museum established on August 1, 1948 was reopened after the statue of President Kim Il Sung was erected on Mansu Hill in the center of Pyongyang on the 60th anniversary of the birth of the President. (A group sculpture dedicated to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle which is composed of 120 figures and another one to the socialist construction which is composed of 109 figures flank the statue of the President.) The museum houses historical relics and data relating to the history of revolutionary struggles of the President and the Chairman, and the fact that the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean people advanced along the glorious road of victory under the wise leadership of the leaders.

Diorama of the Battle of Pochonbo

Diorama of the Battle of Pochonbo

Out of their strong yearning for the leaders, the Korean army and people erected the statues of the President and the Chairman on the very hill on the centenary of the birth of the President.

The museum was renovated again on the 105th anniversary of the birth of the President. In the entrance hall of the museum there are color statues of the President and the Chairman. In the museum with a total floor space of 60,350 square meters are displayed by content and time thousands of items of revolutionary relics and relevant data which prove the sacred tradition and remarkable history of the Korean revolution that advanced along the road of victory and glory under the leadership of the President and the Chairman.

The museum also has newly-made relief maps and models fully provided with visual and three-dimensional qualities, many other exhibits displayed and illuminated in a new manner and panoramas that vividly show historical events and facts of the relevant periods. The hall of the great leaders and their comrades-in-arms is dedicated to the exhibition of impressive materials which show how noble and ardent the comradely relations between the great leaders and their revolutionary soldiers were. The museum has other halls including the general introduction hall and those that have exhibits relating to the periods of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the building of a new Korea, the Fatherland Liberation War, and the laying of the foundation of socialism.

Spectacular in particular are two halls with large-sized panoramas. One of the panoramas depicts the Battle of Pochonbo which the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army waged after advancing into the border area of Korea, displaying the spirit of resistance that Korea was not dead but alive and convincing the Koreans that they would surely win if they fought against the Japanese aggressors, during the anti-Japanese armed struggle. The other depicts the Battle on Height 1211 that shows how the Korean People’s Army defeated the US imperialist aggressors in the Korean war unleashed by the US in the early 1950s. In the museum are also the halls dedicated to the exhibits relating to the periods between the overall building of socialism and the present building of a socialist power. There are also halls of national reunification and overseas Koreans’ movement.

The museum was refurbished in such a way that it can help the Korean people keenly realize how the history of victory of the Korean revolution started on Mt. Paektu and has been carried forward.

On March 30, 2017, the opening ceremony of the Korean Revolution Museum took place with a large attendance.