In may last the 24th International Fryderyk Chipin Piano Competition for Children and Youth  was held in Szafarnia, Poland, and the high virtuosity and artistic ability of the piano prodigies of the DPRK struck the juries and experts with admiration. The foreman of the jury of the competition and piano professors and experts from different countries unanimously said that the rendition of the Korean prodigies left deep impression on them, and that all the DPRK competitors had won the prizes at the contest.

Ma Sin A, World-famous Pianist

20160527-k2-03-1Ma Sin A, 13, is well known not only in her country but also in the world musical circle. She began to learn piano at the Kyongsang Kindergarten. She distinguished herself as piano talent from the outset. She got the knack of understanding the musical sense at once when it took others several years, and she had unusual musical talent of playing those musical pieces which even adults find it hard to play. When Ma was seven years old, she was admitted at the central music school of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory of Russia, and when she was nine, she appeared on the stage of a concert, a national event held in Moscow in celebration of the 10th founding anniversary of the Moscow international music hall. Later she participated in international piano concours, contests and concerts in Kazakhstan, Russia and Germany dozens of times, winning a high praise. When she won the 4th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Weimar, Germany in 2014, piano professors and experts of Germany, Austria and Finland said in unison that they had trained and seen so many pianists, but none of them was as good as young Ma Sin A of the DPRK who played piano pieces excellently and skilfully at her young age which require high presentation, and that she was really fantastic.



Ma came first in the recent Chopin piano competition, winning the best performance award of the contest, the best performance award of Chopin’s Mazurka offered by the Gyorgy Ferenczy Foundation, Hungary, and other prizes. And she was invited to play at the international piano contest and piano concert in Moscow and Budapest. She not only demonstrates her unparalleled talent in piano but also registers excellent performance in all subjects. Now she is studying at Pyongyang Music School No. 1 of Kim Won Gyun University of Music. She says, “Whenever world music experts applaud me calling Ma Sin A of Korea, I feel proud of being Korean. I’ll surely become a wonderful musician who will add to the glory of my country.”


Han Su Ryo, Promising Pianist

20160703-in02Han Su Ryo learned piano from Merited Teacher Kim Hyang Suk of the Kyongsang Kindergarten which has produced many music talents. When she was two years old she saw piano for the first time.

She sat at it all day long, hitting the keyboard. Her mother thought it a simple fun. When Han was selected to enroll at the Kyongsang Kindergarten, all her family was in surprise. Her grandma, carrying her granddaughter’s admission notice with her, boasted of her to other people. Han’s father is an officer of the Korean People’s Army and her mother is an ordinary worker. Her mother says, “When my daughter practised on the piano she used to play the piano far into the night. Whenever she had some difficulties she would shed tears for anxiety. The head of the kindergarten and teacher Hyang Suk said my daughter was good at piano, but I wouldn’t believe them. But when I heard she had registered good records at the recent competition (the 24th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth) I was awake all night. I extended my thanks to our country which found my daughter’s talent to cultivate.”


Han made good records at the abovementioned competition, and she was the youngest participant since its inauguration. She, however, overwhelmed those who were two, three and even four years older than her. Her artistic rendition and virtuosity were really amazing. Kim Hyang Suk says,  “Han is a cheerful character. She has good kinesthetic sensation and fine musical sensitivity. Her innocent and cheerful character is evident in her performance. Her forte is to play the piano briskly and skilfully. I am sure she will be a world-famous pianist.”