The entire Korean people greet the New Year Juche 107(2018) with greater ambition and hope for the future.

On the New Year’s Day the Korean people first visit the bronze statues of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who devoted their all only to the country and people and pay respects to them.

Streets and villages of Korea have been decorated in a festive mood and the people are full of joy. The Korean people have unusual pride and honour as they spent last year embroidered with proud victory and glory and greeted the new year. The flower shops are packed with people buying beautiful and fragrant flowers and bouquets.

They visit their parents and teachers to wish them a happy new year and spend a pleasant time with neighbours and friends. They also enjoy themselves at theatres, restaurants and service centres. The service workers render sincere services on the New Year’s Day. People’s joy and excitement come from the confidence and optimism that their future would be brighter under the guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. This year the Korean people will achieve greater successes in the building of a powerful socialist nation.