Kimchi is one of the unique national foods of Korean people. It is made by fermenting cabbages and radish or many other vegetables mixed with seasoning. It is known as a foodstuff good for the health and longevity for its unique taste and smell and rich nutrients including vitamins. The Korean people thought out from olden times of preserving long the vegetables and edible greens collected from fields or mountains in salt and seasoning them with spices and properly salted water good to the taste and relish before fermenting. Nowadays the attention to the Korean kimchi is increasing day by day worldwide. A foreign journal dealing with health wrote there are five healthy foods in the world and one of them is the Korean kimchi. The Russian TASS wrote that there are many foodstuffs in the DPRK ranking in the list of haute cuisines of which kimchi is known to be rich in vitamins and considered to be a panacea. The 10th session of the UNESCO’s inter-governmental committee for the protection of intangible cultural heritages held in Namibia in 2015 decided to register the method of making kimchi, a Korean popular food, in the list of the UNESCO world intangible cultural heritages. Indeed, the Korean kimchi, a pride of the nation, can take a rightful place in the list of the world healthy foodstuffs in its taste and medicinal values.