October 8 this year marks the 20th anniversary of election of Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) as the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Kim Jong Il built up the WPK into an invincible party that achieves only victory in carrying out the cause of socialism, the cause of independence.

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a powerful body that is ideologically pure and organizationally integrated in the cause of implementing the ideas and leadership of the leader.

He energetically conducted ideological and theoretical activities, systematizing and developing in a comprehensive way the theory on the Songun idea; this conformed with the actual situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which is still in confrontation with the US-led imperialist forces. The Songun idea, together with the Juche idea, has become a mighty sword that enables the WPK to achieve one victory after another in defending the cause of socialism, the cause of independence, and an unshakeable faith of the members of the WPK.

He established a well-regulated organizational system, whereby the ideas and policies advanced by the Party flow to its lower organizations without a hitch, and ensured that Party organizations at all levels turned out as one in the efforts for implementing them, while maintaining work with people as the main thing in their work.

Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a party with a sound mass basis and a genuine motherly party that serves the people with devotion.

He paid close attention to rallying the broad sections of the people firmly behind the Party and ensured that the working people’s organizations enhanced their functions and role as befit transmission belts and reserves of the Party. When formulating every line and policy, he reflected in them the aspirations and demands of the masses, and ensured that the people-oriented policies were pursued as before even in the days of economic difficulties. He believed in and relied on the unquenchable strength of the masses in working out the lines and policies and implementing them.

Kim Jong Il made it the basic duty of the WPK to exist for the people and struggle to realize their demands for independence and their interests. He put forward the slogans “Let the whole Party go among the masses!” and “We serve the people!” and he ensured that the Party took responsible care of the people’s destiny and led its officials to go deep among the people and meet their demands and aspirations, ranging from such basic problems in living as food, clothing and housing to the problem of leading a worthwhile life as social beings, with maternal affection.

The WPK, which was strengthened remarkably under his wise leadership, is now achieving world-startling successes in implementing the cause of independence of the masses as the powerful General Staff of the revolution.

His exploits in building up the WPK will shine for ever.