Kangso mineral water found in Kangso District, Nampho, DPRK, is widely known to the world, as it has remarkable effects on health promotion, is free from pollution and a unique mineral water which can not be synthesized artificially, and has long been used by the Korean people.

It gushes out by high pressure of natural carbonic acid gas through layers of biotite and mica bedrock, a structure of lower Proterozoic era, which were formed hundreds of millions of years back. It is 100 percent natural carbonated water and pure mineral water free from pollution.

As it contains dozens of useful microelements, it has been used as drinking water and for the treatment of various diseases from long ago.

Content of major ions of Kangso mineral water (mg/L)

Ca2+ 112 K+ 0.12 HCO3 563.5 SO4 2+ 10.5
Mg2+ 54 Na+ 1.38 SiO2 2+ 10.5 Cl- 10.5

Kangso mineral water cleans tissues and cells of human body.

The association of water molecule is 9 and below, with big kinetic energy and fast speed.

Therefore, it helps human body absorb minerals and microelements in the stomach and upper part of small intestines faster than ordinary drinking water and promotes absorption of nutrients in human body.

It easily infi ltrates into the circulation of blood and lymph to supply cells with nutrients and minerals and expedite the secretion of gallstone, waste matters, toxic materials and drug intoxication formed in the course of metabolism by enhancing the function of diuresis.

As it has positive infl uences on the main metabolism in the body including that of protein, lipid and sugar, it is effective for the prevention of metabolic diseases like arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia and diabetes.

It is not only used as ordinary drinking water but also highly effi cacious remedy for the treatment and prevention of gastric and duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, chronic pyelitis and other diseases. It is good for children and pregnant women to supplement calcium and prevent osteoporosis from developing among aged people.

Kangso mineral water has been registered as state designated natural monument No. 56 and recognized as a pure and clean drinking water after receiving certifi cations of registration of the name of origin by the DPRK and WIPO and passing the test of SGS.

The mineral water presented by the beautiful Korean nature has become an ideal mineral water loved by humanity who values nature and wishes to live long in good health feeling its fragrance.

The Korea Unha Yaksu Trading Corporation makes products of Kangso mineral water, a world-class natural carbonated mineral water, in line with the international quality control standards and exports them to several countries.