Harvest of tea leaves is in full swing at Unjong Tea-growing District in Tungam area, Kangryong County, South Hwanghae Province of the DPRK.

A vast and neat field of tea trees can be seen there.

Last year, the district expanded over 30 hectares more of cultivation area.

According to experts, the topography of Kangryong County has a positive effect on flavor and aroma of tea, as it lies in the latitudinally northern area when compared with other cultivation areas in different countries.

After projecting the tea-growing in the country, President Kim Il Sung personally organized a research group and designated the area for the research.

Leader Kim Jong Il paid deep attention to the research into tea cultivation to make people enjoy tasty tea. When the cultivation of tea trees was succeeded, he took a measure to spruce up the Kangryong Unjong Tea-growing District.

Now, the Unjong tea serves as a specialty adding mild fragrance to the life of the DPRK people, thanks to the loving care of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The tea is divided into Kangryong black and green teas.

It is rich in various medicinal elements like catechin and essential amino acids and vitamins.

It is efficacious for senile arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cardiomegaly and has the urinary, detox, anti-cancer and anti-aging effects with excellent savor and peculiar aroma.