In high summer holiday camps built in scenic places in the DPRK are packed with holidaymakers, and the same may be the case with camps for farmers set up in many cooperative farms across the country, including the farmers holiday camp in Unjong Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm in Pongsan County, North Hwanghae Province.

Farmers holiday camp landscape

The local residents, cherishing a desire of remodelling their native place in a beautiful fashion, strove persistently and turned theirs, once a backward secluded mountainous village, into a leading stockbreeding base in the province. They also built a two-storeyed holiday camp by the lake five years ago.

Every August farmers who have fulfilled their meat production plans throng to the holiday camp. They spend merry days, playing such folk games as janggi and yut and catching fish as big as a forearm in the lake.

Priding themselves on their excellent performance of the Pongsan mask dance, folk dance with a long history, they often hold dancing parties.

Meanwhile, they read books in stockbreeding, agricultural and fish farming as well as literary books, acquire new knowledge and share their experience in work.

Appreciating the scenery of the native place— thickly wooded mountain at the back of the camp, abundant wild fruits and flocks of sheep and goats grazing on it, they feel again a sense of pride in building theirs as a fairyland.

Mun Jong Gwon, subworkteam leader, said that he had merry days at the camp last year, and this year’s holidaymaking was more impressive. He then expressed his resolve to work for a greater success.

The farmers holiday camp, along with the cooperative farm’s dairy products and Pongsan mask dance, is a pride of Unjong-ri people.

Article: Pak Pyong Hun

Photo: Ri Kwang Song