The January 15th of lunar calendar is a folk holiday of Korean people which falls on March 2 this year.

It is one of national customs to enjoy the first full moon’s day of the Lunar New Year. From long ago, Koreans have considered the first full moon of the Lunar New Year in relation to their happiness in the year.

On the day, housewives prepare various national dishes and share them with family members, relatives and neighbors to promote peace.

Typical of national dishes for the day are dish made with five grains, sweet rice dish mixed with glutinous rice, honey, sesame oil, chestnuts, dates, pine nuts, etc. and dishes cooked with nine dried herbs.

And folk games like kite-flying, tug of war and Yut and other sports activities add festive mood to the holiday.

The festivities reach their height with greeting the first full moon of the Lunar New Year through which all people wish their desires to come true.

The January 15th of the lunar calendar and custom of greeting first full moon were registered as national intangible heritages.