In Korea people honestly work at their workplaces for the country and people. Ri In Sil at the Pyongyang Children’s Garment Factory is one of them.

Workteam leader Ri In Sil well-known throughout the factory as an innovator overfulfils her production plan every year. More than 30 years ago she came to the factory as a young girl after graduation from school. Everything was new to her. To her with a vast ambition, it seemed to be fruitless to work at the sewing machine. But as days went by she realized that her thought was wrong. She felt pride at the thought that everything she makes is supplied to the children of the nurseries, kindergartens and schools. Seeing children brighter in new clothes, she thought her job is not a simple work of turning the sewing machine, but like that of a gardener who shapes the future of the country beautifully.

“Let me live proudly without regret. Let me live beautifully without shame!”–with this resolve she did her best to improve her technique and skill.

At last she has become a skilled worker who operates any machine of the factory without difficulty, a well-known sewing machine operator loved by the collective.

She kindly teaches new comers to the workteam how to operate machines and, making products together with them, helps them improve their skill.

For her diligence and assiduous working manner, she always comes first in the factory quality show and exhibition.

Some time ago her workteam finished its annual production plan before others in the factory. Ri In Sil says: “In the pleasant children going to school in smart new uniforms I find my great pride. Because of the pride I am not tired however hard I work. I will always work to the best of my ability to make better and smarter clothes.”

Ri In Sil is working sincerely to make the children finer and brighter like a gardener cultivating beautiful flowers.

Today, too, she is devoting all her sincerity to do her bit in decorating the rising generations of the country more beautifully.