The merits of heroes for the prosperity of the country are honoured along with their alma maters in Korea.

The Ri Chol Min Senior Middle School in Central District of the capital city Pyongyang induces all students to follow the noble spirit of soldier Ri Chol Min, Hero of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Pak Ryong Nam, Principal of the School, says: “All the students of our school stand before the bust of Hero Ri Chol Min, thinking what a man he was like. Then we, the teachers tell them; Hero Ri Chol Min was unusually good at school and had a warm heart for his comrades. And so he could sacrifice his life for his comrades without hesitation at a critical moment.”

The school educates students in different forms and methods to bring them up as future masters with ardent patriotism and resolute spirit of national defence.

Every work is aimed at preparing the students to join the sacred ranks to defend the socialist motherland, regarding national defence as the most sacred duty and the greatest expression of patriotism.

Education is efficiently conducted through meetings with the graduate soldiers who come on honour furlough and through introduction of the news from the army posts.

The school implants the students’ mind with patriotism by organizing song contests significantly so that they can sing songs reflecting the warm love for the country.

The school often organizes reciting meetings with poems including “My Motherland”, “Forgive Me” and “Mother” and regularly holds presentations and oratorical meetings on the articles with such themes as “The Motherland and Youth” and “Hero Ri Chol Min and I”.

In particular, the school educates students with vivid facts showing the comradeship and devotion to the country and the people displayed by Hero Ri Chol Min during his school days, so that the students can inherit his soul.

This encourages the students to burn their hearts with a resolve to dedicate their lives without hesitation to the country and the people in crucial decisive battles.

Student Chae Hyon Song says: “The bust of the hero implants in our hearts the truth that the honour and happiness of youth lie in national defence. When l leave the school, I will join the army and make efforts to honour every moment of the military service like Hero Ri Chol Min.”