Scientists and technicians at the Manufacturing Centre 111 under the State Academy of Sciences are vigorously conducting research to make rapid progress in the development of science and technology.

Located at the foot of the picturesque mountain in the Unjong science area, the centre has research rooms and laboratories fully equipped with modern facilities and a production base. It is chiefly staffed with researchers in their twenties and thirties, and more than 80 percent of them are holders of academic degrees. With a pride in and a high sense of being masters in the building of a scitech power, they are filled with enthusiasm to charge forward by leaps and bounds from one decade to the next, not simply following the road taken by others.

Researchers at the mask manufacturing and IC design offices are conducting brisk research work to develop the technologies to the advanced international level and furthering the achievements in practice. They thus achieved considerable successes in introducing CNC technology into mask manufacturing processes at a higher level and raising to the world standard the technologies of designing IC chips for measurement, custom IC and systems on a chip with microprocessor units as the core.

They give timely solutions to the scientific and technological problems arising in the economic sector.

They give timely solutions to the scientific and technological problems arising in the economic sector.

They are also focusing on developing various electronic devices and custom IC-applied devices and products urgently demanded in the economic sectors, while increasing the proportion of domestic production. Those at the environmental research section and intelligent device research section newly developed air-purifying disinfector, chlorophyll measuring gauge and other instruments.

A meteorological observation system designed by the researchers at the introduction office proves effective in putting agricultural production on a scientific and modern footing.

In recent years they established an integrated manufacturing system and introduced unmanned feed carriages in Pyongyang Terrapin Farm, a model and standard breeding base in the country, and made similar contributions to modernizing other factories and enterprises. Strenuous efforts of the centre’s research personnel to wage a brisk mental war, a technological war, so as to beat the world will produce more brilliant results.