Strenuous efforts are being made in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to thoroughly embody the serve-the-people spirit in the medical service for promotion of the people’s health.

The public health institutions are concentrating efforts on face-lifting themselves like the Okryu Children’s Hospital, the Ryugyong Dental Hospital and the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic  Hospital with good material and technical foundations for medical service.

Among them is the Mangyongdae District People’s Hospital in the capital city Pyongyang.

Pak Yong San, Deputy Director for Technical Affairs of the Hospital, says:

“Improving environment of the hospital is of great importance in treatment of patients.

The hospital has made a lot of successes through the strenuous efforts to consolidate its material and technical foundations as well as the preventive and curative medial care for the inhabitants.”

All the patients to the hospital say they feel as if they are getting better as soon as they enter the hospital.

The treatment rooms, operation rooms, doctors’ rooms, sickrooms, dining room, kitchen and pharmaceutical room of the hospital have been face-lifted to meet the health and hygienic requirements.

The cosy wards, the compound roads thick with medicinal herbs and plants and the pond teeming with fish as big as forearm are all in good harmony. The view of the hospital is really striking.

All these are warmly associated with the devotion of the medical workers of the hospital who have made strenuous efforts as the masters of the public health services to protect and promote the lives and health of the people.

Last year the hospital had a consultative meeting on its actual conditions.

“The country is directing great efforts to the public health, regarding it as a very important work concerning the lives and health of the people. Then, with what attitude and stand have we, the masters of the public health, approached it?”

The consultative meeting that day served as an important occasion for all to look back upon their work. With the sense of mission that they are responsible for health of the people in the district, they set a high target to renovate the treatment conditions and environment.

A specific plan was worked out for modernization of the hospital and all medical workers turned out as one to carry it out.

The officials strove to get insufficient materials and the medical workers pooled their creative wisdom to complete each of miniatures. Thanks to their devoted efforts, the hospital has been face-lifted as wonderfully as today.

Under the improved conditions and environment for treatment, the hospital is paying attention to raising the technical and practical qualifications of the medical workers so as to improve the medical services.

Pak Yong San has this to say: “We will, in the future, discharge the responsibility and duty of medical workers in the preventive and curative medical care for the promotion of the people’s health.”