Medical workers of Korea are devoting all their wisdom and passion to medical services for the improvement of the people’s health.

Among them are those of the Surgical Department of the Songyo District People’s Hospital in the capital city Pyongyang.

Song Jong Du, Head of the Surgical Department of the Hospital, says:

“Surgical services are very important in the treatment of the emergency cases. A surgeon should have ability to skilfully perform any operations. We are directing great efforts to raising the technical and practical skills. Especially we concentrate efforts on further improving the level of the new doctors as the generations of the medical workers are often changed.”

The Surgical Department takes prompt measures to treat  emergency cases coming to the hospital while paying great attention to the improvement of the qualifications.

They operate on almost all emergency cases with responsibility, enjoying love and trust of the inhabitants. Until some years ago they regarded it as a commonplace to send emergency cases to a national hospital.

They thought it necessary to raise their clinical level decisively on the basis of latest medical science and technology in order to better the quality of medical services for the promotion of the people’s health. The department specified the specialities of all doctors for abdomen, limbs and orthopaedics and set a high target to enhance the level of medical services.

It was not easy to boost the general level of the department onto the level of the national hospitals.

At national hospitals they practised and learned experiences in treatment from competent medical workers. At the same time, reading latest medical books all through night, they made painstaking efforts to constantly raise their clinical level. Not resting content only with the technology they learned in the course of practice, the medical workers of the department made tireless efforts to improve their manual arts of operation.

The hospital induced the new doctors to keep increasing their clinical level under the guidance of experienced doctors.

Through consultations of the department the medical workers exchanged their opinions and experiences over the conditions of the patients, seeking new methods of treatment.

All of them acquired practical skills of operation through mock operations at their leisure and strove to completely master them.

The medical skills acquired by the medical workers of the department are applied to treatment, which prove effective.

They have cured many traumatic patients completely to the pleasure of the patients and their families. They also resuscitated a most serious patient a few months ago.

Department Head Song Jong Du says: “We will, in the future, too, incessantly raise the level of medical science and technology, further improving the quality of medical services for the emergency cases.”