The historic third inter-Korean summit meeting and talks took place at Phanmunjom on April 27, Juche 107(2018) amid the attention of all the fellow Koreans and the whole world.

At Phanmunjom which was called a symbol of division and confrontation and a pronoun of grudge and tears for more than 70 years, the significant meeting and talks were held and the “Phanmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula” was adopted. It is a national-historic event which opened a bright prospect for the inter-Korean relations and the cause of reunification.

The historic Phanmunjom summit and the April 27 declaration have provided a precious cornerstone to remove distrust and antagonism between the north and the south, actively promote the development of inter-Korean relations and open up a new heyday for peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula. The April 27 declaration fully deals with all the practical issues to make an all-round and radical improvement and progress in the inter-Korean relations, ease acute military tension and remove the danger of war on the Korean peninsula and establish a lasting and durable peace system.

The Phanmunjom summit and the adoption of the April 27 declaration are a national-historic event brought by the unusual guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, a peerlessly great man and unrivalled statesman.

In his historic New Year Address Kim Jong Un put forward a policy for a switchover in the inter-Korean relations with a plan to improve the frozen relations and glorify this year as a year of great importance noteworthy in the history of the nation.

In the New Year Address he said the prevailing situation demands that now the north and the south improve the relations between themselves and take decisive measures for making a breakthrough for independent reunification without being obsessed with bygone days, and brightly indicated the tasks and ways to improve the inter-Korean relations and accomplish the cause of independent reunification.

It is a manifestation of the noble loyalty, firm will for reunification and lofty love for the nation of Kim Jong Un to achieve national reunification, a lifelong desire and the instructions of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Thanks to his daring confidence, broad-minded decision, ardent love for the nation and outstanding and seasoned leadership, the current of the improvement of inter-Korean relations and peace of the Korean peninsula went on despite the vicious obstructions of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad and at last, the historic Phanmunjom summit meeting and talks could be held and the April 27 declaration adopted.

Now the entire fellow Koreans in the north and the south and abroad admire the unusual and seasoned leadership ability of Kim Jong Un who has brought about a great national-historic event that blazed a bright future of independent reunification.

Taking the destiny of the country and nation upon himself, Kim Jong Un provided a turning phase for development of inter-Korean relations and opened a new history of independent reunification at Phanmunjom, a symbol of division and confrontation. His gigantic exploits will be immortal in the history of the Korean nation.