Han Myong Ho, Vice-Chairman of the Moranbong District People’s Committee, says: “In his New Year Address for this significant year, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un said that the Party and working people’s organizations and government organs should orient and subordinate all their undertakings to strengthening the single-hearted unity.

His historic New Year Address is a valuable guideline which enabled us to know about with what attitude and stand the officials of our people’s government organs should approach the people and how we should work for them.

Bearing his New Year Address in mind, we will plan and launch our work on the benchmark of the people’s demands and interests and go deep among the people, sharing good times and bad with them.

We will always direct great efforts to removing the mental agony of the people and breaking up difficulties in their lives and ensure that the shorter the supply of everything is, the fuller play is given to the beautiful traits of comrades and neighbours helping and caring for one another with all sincerity.

In this way, we will devote all our wisdom and passion to fully displaying the advantages of people-centred socialism of Korean style.”