Korea is building many “Hwanggumhae”-line fishing boats in recent years. The “Hwanggumhae”-line fishing boat is a multi-purpose vessel with modern fish-finding equipment, means of communications and highly efficient fishing tackle.

Pak Il Hun, Department Director of the Ministry of Fisheries, says.

“The task of our fishery officials is very important in improving the people’s living. Fishery stations in the East and West Seas are building many ‘Hwanggumhae’-line fishing boats to carry through the crucial tasks presented at the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. We will build more fishing boats to catch a lot of fish at all fishing ports”.

After setting a goal of building a greater number of modern fishing boats, the Ministry of Fisheries is taking active measures to prepare by itself and supply important materials needed for shipbuilding.

The officials, workers and technicians in the field of fishery including the Tanchon Shipbuilding Factory, the Hongwon Shipyard and the Cholsan Fishery Station are making innovations in shipbuilding every day with the might of self-reliance and by dint of science and technology.

On the basis of a comparative analysis of the experiences and lessons found in the past shipbuilding, they are proactively  introducing valuable technical innovation proposals, pooling their creative wisdom and strength. Especially, they further improve  rational hull assembling methods whose advantages have been proved in accordance with the actual conditions, thus shortening the time of assembling.

As a result, many “Hwanggumhae”-line fishing boats are making successes in fishing operations on the East and West Seas.

Greater successes will be achieved in the building of the “Hwanggumhae”-line fishing boats thanks to the efforts of the fishery officials, workers and technicians who have turned out as one to implement the new strategic line presented at the historic April Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee.