People who have visited the Kaesong Noodle House remember pleasantly the taste of foods they ate. “I often come to Kaesong for business and I usually go to the Kaesong Noodle House because I like the foods there.” “There are different kinds of dishes on the menu, and I find those cooked with insam original.” “I’m deeply impressed by the kindly service and quality dishes of the Kaesong Noodle House.”

An overseas Korean tourist said, “I’ve been impressed with this house full of national aroma.” Whenever she hears such words from overseas Koreans and foreigners, Kim Yong Sun is often reminded of what happened a dozen years ago when she was appointed as manager of the house.

At the moment she lacked knowledge of and experience in management activities and the restaurant remained oldfashioned. Kaesong is a great tourist resort of the country and a lot of international functions are held attracting foreign delegations, individual personages from many countries and overseas Koreans. She knew that her job was as important as to glorify the national character and was related to the country’s prestige. She felt enthusiastic. She buckled down to her work determinedly. She stuck to whatever she decided to do. Thanks to her strenuous and enthusiastic efforts the project of refurbishing the restaurant made rapid headway. Thus the restaurant soon shook off its old appearance and began operation with a new face.

As it was visited by gradually increasing number of people, there came voices that they wished to have special dishes of Kaesong as well as noodles in such a well-refurbished restaurant. Kim did not miss even a word from the visitors. She devoted her enthusiasm to the work of increasing kinds of dishes of original flavours. She read all books on dishes and even those on history, medicine and art. As she intensified the study of traditional dishes of Kaesong which date back a long time, she came to have great pride in the national superiority, and became well aware of her duty in further developing the dishes. But knowledge and consciousness were not all that was needed to develop cuisine—it was easy with eyes but hard with hands. To learn a recipe the manager often stayed a whole night in the kitchen, surprising the people. Thanks to her efforts special dishes including samgyethang, yakbap, steamed chicken with insam and a set of 12 dishes for a table which was enjoyed by kings in the past, came to be appreciated by people, overseas Koreans and foreigners.

She was not concerned about dishes alone. She made a strict demand on all the waitresses so that they behave courteously as required by the laudable customs of the nation. The people who have visited the restaurant never spare compliments referring to it in unison as restaurant of interior and exterior beauties, restaurant where all beauties and delicious dishes have gathered. At present the Kaesong Noodle House is a must-visit place in Kaesong. Its popularity is rising higher as it always ranks among winners at national cooking competitions.