The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un became the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army on December 30, Juche 100(2011) according to the unanimous will of the Korean army and people. After the historic event the dignity and strength of Korea became tremendous.

Under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea the unity and cohesion of the Korean people were further cemented and new heroic feats of the Mallima era performed and many creations sprang up in all parts of Korea.

Korea has a powerful revolutionary army capable of defeating any enemy at a stroke and diversified powerful nuclear striking means. In the miraculous reality as well as the victory won in the political, economic, military, cultural and all other fields the Korean people more deeply feel that the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un is the great strength of Korea and symbol of her victory.

Infinite Love for the Soldiers

Candidate Academician, Professor and Doctor Song Tong Won, Researcher of the Institute of the Revolutionary History of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

“Many touching stories were woven while the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un was training the invincible revolutionary army. Saying the Supreme Commander exists as there are service personnel, he ploughed the raging waves aboard a small wooden ship and went out to the hottest spot without hesitation.

He also went to the Phanmunjom post on the forefront and saying he would defend Phanmunjom that day, had the service personnel  withdrawn from their posts to have a picture taken together with them.

Climbing up the post of Kkachil Peak of Mt. Osong only hundreds of metres from the enemy position, he earnestly said to the soldiers: Behind you there is the road to your hometown. Living in the hometown are your beloved parents and brothers and sisters. You must always remember this. His earnest words convinced the service personnel of the People’s Army of the preciousness of the arms once again. At every unit of the People’s Army he visited the great brilliant commander Kim Jong Un gave service personnel a machine gun, an automatic rifle and a pair of binoculars representing a will to annihilate the enemy and guided their combined tactical trainings and firepower striking drills. Thanks to his outstanding and meticulous guidance, the KPA has more fully demonstrated its might as an invincible army with almighty Juche-based tactics and rich experiences for victory and both offensive and defensive means capable of coping with any modern warfare. With Kim Jong Un as the Supreme Commander of the revolutionary armed forces, the military muscle of Korea gets stronger and the motherland is defended firmly. Through their life’s experiences the Korean army and people are convinced that Korea is sure to win as it is led by Kim Jong Un. As the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, an ever-victorious, iron-willed brilliant commander, is leading the revolution, the day of final victory will come earlier on this land.”