An article by Ro Myong Sim

October 17 this year is the 90th birthday of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU).

The DIU was formed with the young communists of the new generation in 1926 by President Kim Il Sung who had embarked on the road of the revolution to win back his country from the Japanese occupiers. The young communists of the new generation were members of the first vanguard organization of the Korean revolution. The formation of the DIU signalled the start of the struggle to found a party in Korea.

The DIU set as its immediate task the destruction of Japanese imperialism and achievement of Korea’s liberation and independence, with the ultimate aim of building socialism and communism in Korea and, further, destroying all imperialists and building communism throughout the world.

The programme of the DIU which embodies the basic orientation and ultimate goal of the Korean revolution and the principles and methods of achieving them reflects the centuries-old desire of the masses of the people to live and develop independently in society free from exploitation and oppression.

The programme which is based on the ideals of anti-imperialism and independence formed the basis of the programme of the WPK founded in 1945 and has been developed to meet the requirements of the developing revolution.

The immediate objective of the WPK is to build a powerful socialist country in the northern half of Korea and carry out the tasks of national liberation and democratic revolution throughout the country. Its ultimate goal is to fully realize the independence of the masses of the people by modelling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

The principle of independence raised by the DIU has served as the principle governing the activities of the WPK.

The DIU was a genuine vanguard organization which was not infected with worship of big powers and dogmatism. Its members played a leading role in liberating their country on August 15 1945 through 20 years of the revolutionary struggle against the Japanese imperialists and achieving the historic cause of founding the WPK under the leadership of Kim Il Sung.

After its birth the WPK realized the causes of building regular armed forces and the nation by its own efforts. It has solved all the problems that arose in the revolution and construction according to its ideology and faith, on the principle of self-reliance, in conformity with the people’s demands and interests of the Korean revolution.

The line of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution, the line of socialist revolution of carrying out transformation of the economic form before technical transformation, the basic line of socialist economic construction of giving priority to the growth of heavy industry and developing light industry and agriculture in parallel, the line of building an independent national economy, the line of the three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural—and all other lines and policies of the WPK were based on the ideals of the DIU of maintaining independence in the revolution and construction.

Particularly in the mid-1990s when the country was faced with the worst trials in its history the WPK administered Songun politics, holding fast to the principle of the Songun revolution. Thus it defended the destiny of the country and nation as well as socialism, and laid eternal foundations for building a thriving nation.

Today it pushes ahead with the cause of building a powerful socialist country while frustrating the incessant attempts of the imperialists to isolate and stifle the country, raising the banner of independence, Songun and socialism.

The young communists of the new generation brought up by the DIU became the backbone of the WPK.

The DIU members who were equipped with the spirit of defending their leader unto death, the spirit of independence through the efforts of all the Korean people and the thoroughgoing spirit of anti-imperialism and independence were vanguard fighters who blazed the trail for the Korean revolution holding Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the centre of leadership and unity.

The Society for Rallying Comrades formed in July 1930 was the first organization of the Workers’ Party of Korea which embraced the young communists of the new generation brought up by the DIU. With this organization as the parent body numerous basic Party organizations were organized in the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army and at home and abroad while unified leadership of Party organizations was established ranging from the KPRA Party Committee to local Party organizations.

After the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland was formed in May 1936, its subordinate organizations rapidly expanded to various regions, resulting in growing increase in the ranks of the Korean revolutionaries. Since then, the organizational and ideological foundations of the WPK have been consolidated and its leadership over people from all social strata has been guaranteed. Thus, the leader’s unified leadership over the overall Korean revolution, the leadership of the WPK, has been firmly realized.

Thanks to the precious traditions and experiences of party building established and gained in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the Workers’ Party of Korea, the General Staff of the Korean revolution, was founded soon after Korea’s liberation although the situation in Korea was very complex.

Today the WPK has a huge membership equipped with the ennobling spirit cherished by the DIU members. This has afforded a sure guarantee for the might of the ever-victorious WPK.

The WPK which has sprung from the DIU and developed will win one victory after another demonstrating its dignity and invincibility as the Juche-type revolutionary party and a guide of the working people.