Hong Pong Gi, Senior Official of the State Commission of Science and Technology, says:

“Upon hearing the news of the unofficial visit to the People’s Republic of China paid by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, all the officials of the State Commission of Science and Technology are greatly excited.

Kim Jong Un visited China as his maiden foreign trip.

It is a manifestation of his firm will to develop the DPRK-China friendship with a long historical tradition established by the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il onto a new high stage.

The recent China visit of Kim Jong Un is a great event of historic significance in carrying forward and developing the DPRK-China friendship onto a new high stage.”

Official of the Commission Kim Song Chol says:

“Through his visit to China the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un performed gigantic exploits in the struggle to carry forward and develop the great DPRK-China friendship generation after generation, consolidate and develop the socialist systems of the two countries and provide the people with happiness and bright future.

He looked round the exhibition hall of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and expressed his steadfast will to strengthen and develop the relations of friendship between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and China onto a new high stage true to the noble intention of the preceding leaders, the relations which were established in the sacred joint struggle for the cause of socialism and whose nature has been kept despite all the storms of history.

We express thanks to him and feel a great national pride and honour of being led by him.

All the officials of our commission will wage a vigorous struggle for contributing to the building of a powerful socialist country by dint of science and technology under his leadership.”