Anybody can become hero under the people-centred socialist system of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the heroes include many heroines loved by the people.

The daily Hamnam Ilbo carried an article on a girl farmer on April 22, Juche 51(1962), 56 years ago, who had saved seven schoolgirls drowning in the river.

Kim Jong Sun

Kim Jong Sun


The moment she found schoolgirls drowning in the water, she jumped into an ice hole without hesitation. In an instant, she was suffocated and her body stiffened but pushing away ice pieces with difficulty, pushed the schoolgirls onto the ice. On the verge of fainting, she pooled her strength to save all the schoolgirls in an hour.

The great leader Kim Il Sung read the daily, sent a letter to the girl farmer and recommended her to be awarded the title of the Hero of the Republic.

The performer of the beautiful merits is Kim Jong Sun who is working as the Director of the Phyongchon District Publications Distribution Centre in Pyongyang City.

“When I was awarded the title of the of the Hero of the Republic, I was a 21 year-old ordinary girl farmer. I could not imagine that the great leader Kim Il Sung would read even a small article carried in the provincial daily and praise my ordinary deed so highly. Time has passed and now I am in my seventies. I will honour my remaining days as a Hero of the Republic.”

Kim Jong Sun (middle)

Kim Jong Sun (middle)

Mt. Myohyang in the northwestern part of Korea is widely known as a celebrated mountain for its peculiarity and magnificence.

Now a fine mountaineering route has been paved keeping the beauty of the mountain as it is, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty spots of the mountain.

Three designers had completed the designing of the route, climbing up the rugged mountain several times a day. It was the great Kim Jong Il who highly praised their patriotic merits.

In October Juche 98(2009) he walked along the mountaineering route with steep bends. He highly appreciated that it had been designed well and kindly proposed awarding them the title of Labour Hero.

Kang Un Ok

Kang Un Ok

One of them is Kang Un Ok, designer of the Pyongyang City Planning and Designing Institute. Keeping the honour deep in her heart, she has grown into a competent designer along with men designers.

“I couldn’t even dream that I would be a hero designer like this when I started to learn architectural design at the university. Bearing in mind the deep trust of Kim Jong Il who brought me up as a hero designer, I will become a patriotic artist and creator capable of representing the ideal and dream of the people even on a dot and a line on the designs and design the future of my country more beautifully.”

In the present century the Korean women’s football is demonstrating its fresh development in the international games.

Among the Korean women footballers widely known to the world football circles is Ra Un Sim who distinguished herself with Number 10. She is Labour Hero and People’s Athlete.

She took part in the international games for the first time in Juche 95(2006) and working as the captain of the national women’s football selection from Juche 102(2013), rendered services to the victory of her team.

Together with her teammates she met the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un three times and had pictures taken with him.

She always says that thinking of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, she could overcome the high intensity of football training which is not easy even to men and win victory in the international games.

In order to keep the society progressing properly, women accounting for a large proportion of the world population should play their role well. But in not a few countries the issue of women is not being solved sufficiently.

However, the Korean women led by the great leaders are playing a role as great as men in the sacred cause for the country and people.