November 16 is celebrated as Mother’s Day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

That day all the mothers in the country receive congratulations from their sons and daughters.

Among them is Kim Kyong Suk who is the head of a nursery in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province and mother of two sons.

Kim tends her nursery children like their mother

Kim tends her nursery children like their mother

It is well known that mothers dedicate their all to bringing up their children.

Busy as she was with her work, she never neglected her responsibility for bringing up her children as pillars of the country. Back home late after a long day’s work, she checked up their homework, washed their school uniforms and ironed them without fail.

And she told her young children to feel grateful to the country for its free medical care and education systems and study hard to repay the benefits.

She was a role model for the children.

In her 20 odd-year career as the nursery head, she remodelled the nursery as required by the demands of the new century and consolidated material foundations for the upbringing of the children with a sense of maternal affection. Thanks to her efforts her nursery became well known across the country as an exemplary one, and she received a gold ring bearing the august name of Kim Jong Il and the title of Merited Nurse for her meritorious deeds. Such her image exerted a great influence on her sons.

The eldest son Ri Chung Hyok, who graduated from the College of Technology of Hwangbuk University, is now acknowledged as a competent technician in the construction of waterways in South Hwanghae Province, a grand nature-remaking work to realize irrigation. The younger son Ri Chung Il, a graduate from Kim Il Sung University, is now a member of the three-revolution team at the Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory and known as an inventor.

When the two sons congratulated their mother with bunches of flowers, she said:“Mothers are happy when their children become patriots before being dutiful sons. I want you to be strong pillars in building a powerful country.”