The Great Paektu Mountains is a main mountain range of Korea, the backbone of her geographical features. he Great Paektu Mountains stretches from Mt. Paektu, a celebrated mountain of Korea, to Kujae Peak by the southern sea at the end of the Jiri range via Mts. Turyu, Thaebaek and Jiri. It is 1,470 kilometres long and 1,170 metres above the sea level on an average.

The highest of the Great Paektu Mountains is Mt. Paektu which is 2,750 metres above the sea level. Belonging to the Great Paektu Mountains are the Paektu, Pujonryong, Puktaebong, Masikryong, Cholryong, Thaebaek, Sobaek and Jiri ranges. Korea has about 90 big and small ranges which are linked with the Great Paektu Mountains. The Great Paektu Mountains shows that Korea is a land of one contiguous line of terrestrial stratum.