In Korea there are many people who are devoting their all to afforestation with pure conscience.

Among them is Kim Sun Nam, Manager of the Songhwa County Forestry Management Station in South Hwanghae Province.

Chief Engineer Jo Il Su says: “Our manager is enterprising and initiative. Emphasizing the importance of sapling production, he is trying to put it on a scientific, industrialized and intensive basis. And he always stresses that the success of the forest restoration campaign depends on the number of trees alive, not the number of trees planted and induces all the officials and employees to protect and manage the forests well in a responsible manner.

The green woods on the mountains in the county are associated with the patriotic passion and burning devotion of the manager.” Manager Kim Sun Nam is an official with high responsibility for his work. Since he began to work as the manager of the forestry management station he has thought and worked to turn all the mountains in the county into thick woods.

He solved all the issues arising in afforestation, forest conservancy and management of the station in the spirit of self-reliance and self-development and by dint of science and technology. What the manager attached importance in afforestation was to decisively increase the sapling production.

For the purpose, he always directed primary efforts to building up a parent tree nursery better as demanded by the developing times. He firmly built technical force and enlisted the spiritual strength of the technicians and employees to face-lift the parent tree nursery.

In those days, his personal examples made it possible to turn the technical innovation movement firmly into the movement of the masses themselves and dynamically launch the drive for outstripping others and learning from and swapping experiences with them in the forestry management station. As a result, the parent tree nursery has been furnished with a sapling greenhouse of great profitability, a general animal shed using the solar heat greenhouse effect, swollen vermiculite production site and other self-production bases. Installation of sunshade at the outdoor cultivating ground was automated on a high level and forest fire watch and information system established. In this way greater successes were made in the work to put the production and management activities on an IT and scientific basis.

The manager did not rest content only with the increase of sapling production at the parent tree nursery. He worked hard to build up the dispersive nurseries and sapling fields between woods according to the regional features with correct methodology, making it possible to produce many saplings every year. He also organized a proper work to immediately transplant at mountains saplings cultivated with sincerity during the spring and the summer, so that afforestation could be done without a moment’s letup.

The manager paid due attention to manuring and cultivating the planted trees and protecting the forests. He strongly demanded all the employees manage the trees according to the scientific and technological demand in keeping with their biological features, feeling the duty as the masters of the forests. He also led the rangers to perform their responsibility and duty with a pride of protecting the forests of the country.

In this way, he led all the employees to work with pure conscience for afforestation and forest conservancy.

That is why the officials and employees of the forestry management station intimately call him genuine master of the green woods and our manager. Now they are devoting their patriotic ardor to afforestation and forest conservancy with one mind and intention together with the manager.

Manager Kim Sun Nam says:

“Very great is the importance of the duty of our forestry officials and employees in the present forest restoration campaign. We will push ahead with the afforestation in a prospective and bold way this year, too, true to the spirit of the historic April Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

So we will turn all the mountains in the county into golden mountains and treasure mountains in the near future so that the local people can substantially benefit from them.”