The officials and workers of the Musan Mining Complex, a leading concentrated ore producer of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, are overfulfilling production plan every day with the might of science and technology, holding high the banner of self-reliance and self-development.

The complex is solving issues arising in the concentrated ore production by dint of science and technology in keeping with high enthusiasm of producer masses.

Meanwhile, it strengthens connections between the mining, transporting and dressing processes to overfulfill the daily concentrated ore production plan. Operators of rotary drilling rigs of the Branch Open-air Mine have prepared enough reserve accessories and on this basis, ensure the operating rate of the machines on a high level.

A firm prospect is opened to overfulfill the ore production plan through continued drilling and successive blasting. The heavy trucks of the Ore Transporting Station are carrying a large quantity of iron ore through full-capacity operation. The Overburden-Conveyer Station concentrates on the operation of equipment and technical management to increase the working rate of the mammoth conical crushers and ensure normal operation of the long-distance conveyer to dispose of a large quantity of overburdens.

Dressing Workshop No.2 makes great successes every day, through strict observation of the requirement of the technical regulations and standard operation rules in the operation of equipment including ore grinders and magnetic separators. The officials and workers of the complex continue to make successes in production to send greater quantity of high-quality iron ore to metallurgical works and enterprises.