Seafoods shops in Korea are crowded with people to buy tasty fish and various kinds of processed marine products. The shops conducive to the improvement of the people’s diet are permeated with the love of the great leader Kim Jong Il.

The Sojang Seafoods Direct Sales Shop in the capital city Pyongyang opened under his meticulous care in February Juche 72(1983).

The shop was crowded with people from morning to evening.

Reported of it, Kim Jong Il said with pleasure that another good job had been done for the people.

In early March that year he called officials concerned to discuss on how to further improve the people’s living. He said the Sojang Seafoods Direct Sales Shop should sell a larger amount of fresh fish to the people, and continued:

When the shop sells lots of fish such as flatfish, herring, trout and gizzard shad, the citizens would be glad. It is tasteful to smell the broiled herring, trout and gizzard shad.

Kim Jong Il worked day and night to provide the people with joyful living environment and abundant tables. The Korean people are leading a happy life thanks to his devoted efforts.