A project to establish a new chemical industry is in rapid progress in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in order to carry out the crucial tasks presented by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his historic New Year Address.

Officials and builders of many institutions have turned out in the project to establish the C1 chemical industry and are making constant innovation and continued progress with high enthusiasm.

The field headquarters has assigned labour force to different projects and ensure proper operations and command so that the project can be promoted according to the everyday plan. It also ensures that the internal reserves including iron pipes are tapped and effectively used for the project. The headquarters also pays attention to the agitation for better and faster construction to boost the mood of the construction site. At the same time, it rouses the builders to perform fresh feats through appealing visual aids.

The officials in charge of building command direct great efforts to ensuring quality and organize work more scrupulously in order to finish the project ahead of schedule.

Successes are also expanded at different units mobilized for the project.

The officials and builders of the Chemical Construction Complex are accelerating concrete tamping in a scientific way despite unfavourable conditions to manufacture pillars necessary for the construction of the slag processing ground. The rodmen sped up the reinforcing rod assembly and increased the pillar manufacturing speed 1.5 times.

The officials and builders of the Anju Chemical Construction Company have made a plasma cutter by themselves and are making a rapid progress in the manufacture of the coalyard truss and overhead crane underbeam. Introducing rational working method they have made one truss that took them four days for one day and half, making a breakthrough to finish the project far ahead of schedule.

The crane operators from the Chemical Construction Complex and the power workers from the Sunchon Chemical Complex are promoting the building work and equipment assembly as planned.

As great feats are performed every day through collective innovations in the construction of the C1 chemical industry base for establishing a new chemical industry, the day of completion of the project will be brought earlier.