The Ryuwon Footwear Factory in the capital city of Pyongyang was renovated last year. Now it is increasing production of a variety of trainers and sneakers for different kinds of sports.

Relying on Their Strength

The workers of the factory say that the change of their factory started with the efforts to put the shoemaking flow line on a Juche-oriented and modern footing. Previously it imported equipment needed for shoe production from other countries. It caused difficult problems in operation and maintenance of machines, frequently impeding the production in no small measure. In 2016 the managers and workers of the factory set a bold goal of putting the factory on a Juche-oriented and modern footing with their own strength and technology, and succeeded in designing and manufacturing a shoemaking flow line of a higher level in cooperation with researchers of the Pyongyang Shoe-making Machine Factory. Later, they modernized over 1 800 machines and completed the construction of a building with a total floor space of 24 700 square metres in a year. Thus such processes as mixing of raw materials, cutting, injection-moulding, shoe-making and sewing were put on an automatic flow line, enabling the workers to work in a good working condition and environment.

The production of varieties of trainers and those for special sports is on the increase.

The production of varieties of trainers and those for special sports is on the increase.

The factory introduced a solar-panel generating system, a cooling and heating system and a water heating system, and built cultural and welfare facilities including a bathhouse and swimming bath for its workers. The administrators and workers of the factory say anybody can do anything when they are determined to do by relying on their strength.

Masters of Development of Science and Technology

Attaching importance to science and technology is the main strategy in the factory’s business activities. Especially, the factory has made the work of sci-tech research and development mass-based. Through a sci-tech book reading room, a distance learning room and a sci-tech learning space, it regularly conducts the work of disseminating the trend in the development of footwear industry and the latest science and technology to its scientists, researchers and workers. This steadily enhances scientific and technical force of the factory and  the technical knowledge and skills of the workers.

It was thanks to its strong scientific and technological force that the factory manufactured and installed lots of machines by itself last year.

As a result of invention and introduction of a technique of using supercritical carbon dioxide to make polyvinyl chloride foam with its own efforts and technique, the factory produces light and quality soles. And it newly installed a laser cutter, an upper cutter and a screen printer to make it possible to diversify the products in terms of kind, shape and colour.

Conscious of being responsible or developing the relevant science and technology the workers of the factory are steadily increasing the production of better footwear.

Famous Brand—Ryuwon

The Ryuwon shoes produced by the factory won top prize at the 26thnational consumer goods exhibition held in October 2015, and technical prizes and medals at other exhibitions and festivals. The Ryuwonshoes are characterized by various kinds and shapes suited to the developing reality and people’s taste. So, not only children and young people but also the elderly like the shoes. In the shop run by the factory there are over a hundred varieties of shoes, satisfying different demands of the people. It is also equipped with a laser 3D foot measuring device that allows customized production.

Now the factory annually produces and supplies a million and several hundred thousand pairs of trainers and sneakers to relevant shops in Pyongyang and all other provinces.

Article: Choe Sol Mi