At the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory in the DPRK, the victorious unity of the battle this year and a breakthrough in the implementation of the five-year plan are loudly resounding with a high spirit of enthusiasm resulting increases in production.

One of the most popular brands produced by this factory is called “Maebongsan”, favoured by the people across the country and is in high demand.

Not so long ago this place, which was just an ordinary local industrial factory, was transformed into a modern and capable shoe production base under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un, who is devoted to improving people’s living standards.

Today, the officials and employees here are vigorously pushing forward production while holding a mass technological innovation movement to ensure full operation and full load of facilities and to improve product quality despite various difficulties and sanctions.

Designers are constantly researching and introducing science and technology into shoe design, creating more shoe shape designs that fit people’s preferences, aesthetics, age, and seasonal characteristics.

Engineers are accelerating the business and implemented techniques that involve recycling of raw materials while developing new solvents necessary for shoe production.

Employees of the factory, including ordinary workers are constantly improving their skills, qualifications and standards being covered by DPRK’s learn-while-work scheme.