A climate of studying is being established in the DPRK where all the people are endeavouring to study hard so as to contribute with a wealth of knowledge to the prosperity of their country and the building of a civilized socialist power.


Seen everywhere are those reading books, on their way to and from workplaces, in parks and in the buses and underground trains. It is very quiet like libraries inside the buses with people reading books and newspapers; in parks the elderly exchange their views after reading newspapers and young people are engaged in heated debates after work.


Sci-tech learning spaces built across the country become favourite haunts for the working people who are eager to learn.


The Sci-Tech Complex newly built in Pyongyang provides people with easy access to the latest achievements and advanced data of science and technology from all over the world while offering real-time services to scientific and educational institutions, factories and enterprises, even to individual houses.

Not only the complex but libraries, e-reading halls and similar learning spaces set up in various parts of the country as well as in factories and enterprises are always crowded with avid readers

A distance education system through mobile communications network has been established, fanning the people’s desire for learning. Those engaged in study-while-youwork system gain access to their virtual schools in any place and at any time through their smart phones and get answers to the problems arising in their work.

This climate of studying established throughout the country is an ardent desire emanating from the Korean people to bring their brighter future earlier.

Mun Sung Bong